How to do eyeliner


It is better to carry an eyeliner and eyeliner on the go, in case you can smudge it, you can paint it again, but if it is more serious, it is recommended to bring a cotton swab. When smudged, wipe off the smudged part with a cotton swab and repaint it.

In addition, the first thing to note is that although both loose powder and primer can make the bottom of the eye, it can't be used too much, because it will make the skin dry and fine lines appear.Therefore, the moisturizing of the eye must be done in order to avoid the fine lines caused by the bottoming.Here are some tips about how to avoid eyeliner:

1.People who often make up know that loose powder can prevent eyeliner makeup. Therefore, before painting the eye makeup, you can use the loose powder to make a base and then draw the eyeliner, so you don't have to worry about blooming.

Of course, in addition to using loose powder to make a base, the eye base cream is also very effective, especially when the eyelids are oily, and a little bit of primer can be used to solve this problem easily.

2.The better way is to suggest that you choose a waterproof eyeliner, so you can not use the bottom, a waterproof will be done.