How to distinguish whether a cosmetics OEM processing factory is professional


At this stage, there are many domestic cosmetics OEM processing factories, including those that are in line with international brands, those that directly purchase from foreign suppliers, those that have celebrity endorsement advertisements, and all kinds of cosmetics. It is dazzling. Which factory is really as professional as he said. What? As a cosmetics distributor, choosing a strong cosmetics OEM processing factory really requires some sincere suggestions in the industry. Here are some issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing a cosmetics OEM processing factory.

1. Conduct a site visit to the factory and get a glimpse of the truth. Go to the cosmetics production site, the laboratory, and truly understand the product itself, from which you can personally feel the factory's service and management, and the factory's production strength. Needless to say, everything has a panoramic view of your eyes! In addition, the price of the factory is often lower than the price of the middleman, this is also undoubtedly. To make a product, of course, quality is the first element, and price is an important reference factor. Therefore, if you want to process cosmetics, you must visit the cosmetics factory and visit the cosmetics factory. , These efforts are necessary.

2. Inspection of factory machinery and equipment. The advanced equipment of the R&D room is a basic condition that determines whether the cosmetics factory can develop a new formula; the workshop production equipment is an important factor that affects the feel and appearance of the cosmetics, so it is very important to choose a cosmetics OEM processing factory with advanced equipment.

3. Check whether the cosmetics factory has its own R&D room and R&D team. A factory without its own R&D room and R&D team is like a soulless life. Many cosmetics factories do not have their own laboratories and R&D teams, so they can’t talk about the ability to innovate and develop formulas. Choose a cosmetics company with development prospects capable of independent innovation and research and development capabilities.

4. inspect the production workshop. The production workshop of the cosmetics factory of national standards has strict requirements in terms of air, equipment, personnel, and water quality. At present, there are some companies that can truly meet the national inspection standards, but there are very few companies that can meet the national pharmaceutical production workshop standards. They can be regarded as truly powerful companies, and Yuanda can also achieve it.

5.customer cases. A professional cosmetics OEM processing factory must have its own stable customer base, not necessarily all well-known, but it must have its own stable and mature market. Looking at the overall strength of a factory, you can see which brand products he has processed so that you can also judge the credibility and product quality of the factory.