How to cut eyeliner


    Shopping malls to find a lot of pencil sharpener is a lot, but are ordinary pencil sharpener. Finally, find this pencil sharpener. There are three holes in total, but the left side says "colored pencil". Yes, it is a colored pencil pencil pencil, is used to cut that kind of painting with a pencil, because the pencil pen is also very soft. Of course still have to try, can not be used in eyeliner.
Above is cut before the eyeliner, refills are almost invisible, but after using this pencil sharp knife after it. Sure enough, the effect is obvious, the refills are not broken, do not want to cut too sharp, fear of hand, will poke.just bought the same time.
So the experiment proved that the color pencil sharpener can be used to sharpen the pen, the most important thing is the price is cheap, pencil sharpener also a few dollars only.