How to choose the right eyeliner!


Eyes are the window for us to communicate with people. A pair of piercing eyes will instantly increase our appearance by several levels. In addition to eyelashes and eye shadow, eyeliner is also crucial for a smooth line. Eyeliner will make our eyes look deeper and more energetic. For some novices, drawing eyeliner may be a big problem, but you must overcome this problem to improve your appearance, so choose the right eyeliner Pen has also become a key issue.

An eyeliner pen can solve the problem of inner and outer eyeliner at the same time, and it has good waterproof performance. Even if you sweat in summer, the brown pen refill is natural and can be easily controlled by novices. Its refill is very thin. The kind of moderate hardness is not particularly soft, but it does not poke the eyes. It is smooth and like a mousse touch. It is very suitable for novices to use daily. Use it to draw the inner eyeliner, and the eyes will immediately become energized. And if you don’t look closely at the dark brown, you can’t see that if you draw the eyeliner, you will think your eyes look like this! There is a sharpener on the back cover of this pen. If it is sleek, you can thin the design by yourself. It can be said to be very intimate, but it may be a little dizzy. The makeup lasting will not be so long. Just apply it and unload it cleanly, don't worry about residue. The most important thing is that the price is very affordable and suitable for girls who are learning to draw eyeliner for practice.

Long-lasting non-smudge eyeliner

Eyeliner pen is mainly used to draw inner eyeliner. The thin and long pencil-like pen tip is pointed and the pen core is harder to control, but it may not feel good when it is turned. It will be harder but waterproof. Okay, even if you shed tears, you won’t wear makeup. It’s natural to use it over the end of the eye and it won’t be very thick. The makeup will feel lighter and more natural. It’s also very good. Coloring is suitable for babies who often use inner eyeliner. , And it’s very smooth to use and won’t poke your eyes. It’s definitely correct for babies who often don’t draw eyeliner, and it has a high error tolerance rate. Even if the drawing is wrong, just rub your finger off. It’s not like a liquid eyeliner pen. There is no way to change it. The changeability of the eyeliner is relatively large, and the long one can be used for a long time without saving!

Waterproof extra-fine eyeliner pen

This is a waterproof liquid eyeliner pen. The liquid eyeliner pen is generally used to draw the outer eyeliner and the end of the eye, so do not use the liquid eyeliner pen to draw the inner eyeliner. People are not used to draw the inner eyeliner. The packaging is very good, the quality is also very good, the water is relatively smooth, and the pure black eyeliner is very textured. The color is not smudged. Just wait for it to dry after applying the eyeliner. As long as your eyelids are not prone to oil, it will not wear makeup and it will last longer for a day. There is no need to worry about smudges and makeup, and it is waterproof. It’s okay to say that you are not afraid of tears or sweating, but this is not very suitable for novices because it is difficult to change the eyeliner once it is wrong, so novices should not use the eyeliner to practice. When removing makeup, you need to apply makeup remover for a while, and the eyes will be clean without leaving any residue.

Thick head quick-drying liquid eyeliner pen

The quick-drying liquid eyeliner pen has a natural black color. The pen tip is thick and hard, and the outline shape will be better to control some babies who are suitable for novice parties. It is very convenient to draw outer eyeliner. The point is that it is quick-drying. Very worry-free, you don’t have to wait to dry when you draw it like other eyeliner pens. This one will dry faster and will save time. It’s suitable for everyday office workers, and it’s smooth and smooth. Don’t be afraid of shaking your hands. It won’t fade or smudge, and the makeup is not too heavy. The color is not too saturated. Don’t worry about the makeup. The lasting power is also very long. Generally speaking, it is a cost-effective eyeliner. The anti-blooming ability is really great. Both tik tok and beauty bloggers have planted this eyeliner pen. It is really not to miss such a useful one.

Air cushion eyeliner

Air cushion eyeliner has a better tactile feel compared to hard-tip eyeliner because its tip is sponge-tip, which is soft and will not pierce the eyes. It draws the eyeliner directly along the root of the eyelashes or fills the eyelashes with a dot application You can also use it as an inner eyeliner. The tip of the pen is soft. If some babies don’t like to draw the inner eyeliner, it can be used to lengthen the end of the eye. The effect is also very good, and the liquid in the pen core is more flexible and can be used for a long time. It has a certain degree of elasticity and can effectively digest and shake the water. The lines drawn out are very smooth and can create a more natural makeup. The water resistance is better, and it will not cause makeup to be rinsed under the water pipe. Babies may worry that it is not easy to remove makeup, but it is actually very easy to remove. Put on the eyes with warm water and wipe it with makeup remover. It can be easily removed.

Double-ended eyeliner

The double-headed eyeliner is a combination of liquid eyeliner pen and glue eyeliner pen. It is more convenient to use. One pen can complete the inner and outer eyeliner. The end of the glue pen is used to make the inner eyeliner very smooth and smooth. Will not poke the eyes, but it will be easier to smudge and the lasting is not very long, so it is very important to make a good eye base when applying the inner eyeliner. The liquid pen has smoother water and draws thinly. Start to reshape it into "smoky makeup", there are two colors of black and brown, girls can choose different colors according to their preferences. The double-head design is very affordable and suitable for beginners to use eyeliner. It is easy to use and waterproof.