How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Pencil for Yourself


Painting good eyebrows can make facial features more three-dimensional, so choose the correct eyebrow pencil color is very important. But many girls do not know how to choose the correct eyebrow color. In the selection of eyebrow pencil color, you need to consider the color, hair color and eye size of these three aspects, so as to match with your makeup the best eyebrow pencil.

1.The Hair Color VS Eyebrow Color

Eyebrow color and hair color is best in a color, the depth of the difference should not be too large, so eye makeup looks more natural, if the difference is too large, you need to change the eyebrow color. The most convenient and effective way is to use the eyebrow cream cream to change the eyebrow color, we need to do is to observe the hair color. If the hair color partial brown, you can choose the brown eyebrow pencil. If the hair color is dark, then consider the dark brown or gray black eyebrow pencil.

2.The Color VS Eyebrow Color

Skin color is also the choice of eye makeup eye color reference standard, dark skin must not choose too shallow red eyebrow color, dark brown or gray black eyebrow color is more suitable. Light skin color should be considered light brown or brown eyebrow pencil or eyebrows.

3.The Eye Size VS Eyebrow Color

The size of the eye and choose the eyebrow color has a certain relationship, if the eyes bright and large, moonlight sharp, eyebrow color is not too light, suitable for bright and deep eyebrow color, eyebrows may also be appropriate rough. On the contrary, if the eyes are soft or the eyes are too small, the eyebrows are suitable for the weak tones, the eyebrows can be tapering accordingly.