How to Choose the Color of Eyeliner Pencil


It is strange that they choose the wrong color of the eyeliner, the results look more swollen eyes! How many sister paper had such amazing? So in the choice of eyeliner brand, choose a suitable eyeliner for their eyes color, but also often important gray!

1.Daily makeup is usually relatively low-key female paper, or to work, then generally choose black and brown, which is the most people choose the color, wild Well, we understand, and the requirements for the color of the eye shadow is not high. But black pay more attention to create a mature makeup and makeup Oh! In addition, like brown, brown can be used to create a small smoked makeup, temperament bar drops.

2.Party makeup at the moment, you have to create a color + God's eyes, may wish to try purple, pink, wine red, etc., and in the eyeliner, the end of the eye do not forget to pull up, charm eyes Flew out, but do not forget and your overall dress, accessories with a good color Oh.

3.Leisure makeup such as green, blue and other cool colors of these eyeliner, the motion is suitable for casual, full of vitality of clothing, especially street shooting love pro, may wish to prepare for their own several different colors Oh! In each small holiday comes, go out to play, these color eyeliner is a good choice!

4.Exquisite makeup in addition to pick the end of the eye, hook eyes outside the eye, but also have to mention the effect of eye-catching Caixing, then the silver or white eyeliner is not a must. These light-colored colors can be used to brighten the corners of the eye, as long as gently applied to the eye part of the site, you can make two eyes closer to the pupil for the width of the pro, but also let the eyes look bright , Very eye it!