How to Choose the Best Eyeliner Pencil?


Eyeliner is a cosmetic used along the edge of the eye. There are many different types of eyeliner that can be used to create effects from drama to subtlety. There are four main categories of eyeliner: liquid, powder-based pencil, wax-based pencil and Golgi. Liquid and pencil eyeliner cream can be used for almost all imaginable colors, including flashing varieties.

Liquid eyeliner -  is the most difficult to use type, it is difficult to create the most compelling effect. It can create a very precise eyeliner, usually only used in the upper eyelid. Liquid eyeliner is usually sold in vials which can produce very hot effects. The pencil eyeliner is easier to control and finer than the liquid eyeliner. Powder-based pencils are harder and can create more specific lines than wax-based varieties. Wax-based pencils are more suitable for smearing and can be used to produce smoked effects.

When choosing an eyeliner, be sure to try before purchasing or saving eyeliner. Also, make sure it is easy to apply, it is suitable for your skin color and eye color. Some eyeliner is even waterproof. When trying a new eyeliner, make sure the pencil is dry and smooth in your skin. It should be quite creamy, and it should not pull on your skin. You should also see if it can be easily dirty by your fingers. If you are not convenient to apply a pencil on the eyes immediately, you can apply it on the back of the hand.

It is also important to choose eyeliner color. Often, very dark or black eyeliner is not always suitable for looking good skin. It may be too harsh. On the other hand, brown usually leads to softer effects.It is also important to choose eyeliner color. However, the brown eye of the individual should be away from the brown eyeliner, as it can dilute their eye color. Brown and green eyes often stand out more with plum eyeliner. Blue eyes, on the other hand, typically stand out more when lined with blue, taupe, or grey. Hazel eyes can be lined with either brown, green, or black.