How to choose suitable Eyebrow Pencil


As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul. Eyebrows can not only protect the window, but also play the role of beautifying the window. For those who seek the beauty, girls should not only have a good eyebrow pencil, but also choose the correct and suitable color. But many girls do not know how to choose the suitable eyebrow pencil color, and think it’s troublesome. As a matter of fact, choosing the eyebrow pencil color is very simple, only pay attention to these following three steps, hair color,skin color and eye size respectively. Now, let us focus on the following three aspects in more detail.

The first step is the hair color

When picking the color of eyebrow pencils, you should according to your hair color.It’s better if the eyebrow color is similar with the hair color.In other words, the depth of the difference should not be too large. The more similar color,the more natural you look. For example, if the hair color partial brown, you can choose brown eyebrow pencil.If the hair color is dark, you can consider the dark brown or gray black eyebrow pencil.

The second step is the skin color

Skin color is also an important reference standard of eyebrow pencils color choice. Dark skin should not choose too shallow or too red eyebrow pencils, instead dark brown or gray black eyebrows pencil is more suitable. Light skin color should consider light brown or brown eyebrow pencils.

The third step is the size of eyes

The color choice of eyebrow pencils is also related to the size of the eyes. With bright and large eyes, eyebrow color should not too light, so so bright and deep color are suitable, and eyebrows may also be appropriate rough. On the contrary, if the eyes are soft or too small, the eyebrows are suitable for the weak tones, the eyebrows can be tapering accordingly.