How to choose lipstick and lip gloss


Good lipstick and lip gloss can make lips attractive and can minimize the irritation and damage to lips. So how should this lipstick and lip gloss be selected? The following 5 practical tips that choose lipstick and lip gloss may help you. Let's see it together.

Tip1: Looking at Brand
The brand of lip gloss and lip gloss is very important. The quality of reputable brands is often reliable, and the brand products that celebrities and buyers comment on is also a product that MM deserves to try.
Tip2. Look at the shape
Lipstick and lip gloss are cylindrical and rectangular. Generally speaking, the use of the cylinder is more convenient and flexible, while the rectangular ones do not lose their individuality. Decision-making depends on the needs of MMs themselves.
The selling points of lipstick and lip gloss are peppermint fragrance type, vitamin type, natural vegetable oil type and so on. It is not recommended that MM buy peppermint lipstick and lip gloss because it has greater irritation on lips, while MM with allergic skin should also choose spice free lip gloss and lip gloss.
Tip4: Look at the color
The more darker the lipstick and lip gloss are, the more chemicals will be added to the dye and pigments. The greater the damage to the skin will be. Poor lipstick and lip gloss are often attracted to MM by attractive colors. The choice of lip gloss and lip gloss is suitable for moisturizing and adequate use. Do not choose inferior lipstick and lip gloss for the sake of high saturation lip color.
Tip5 Gloss
Lipstick lip gloss has a certain degree of gloss, in terms of the persistence of gloss, matte products will be better, and if you want to become a focus, choose light effect will be better.