How to choose lip liner color


When choosing a lip liner, first choose the color of the lip liner according to your own makeup habits.

If you are accustomed to using dark lipstick, you can choose the color of your usual lipstick, preferably slightly shallow, so that it is not uncoordinated. If you usually like to use a light lipstick, just use a lip liner to modify the lip shape, you can choose a lip liner that is closer to your own lip color.

However, if it is to modify the thick lips or the lip shape is relatively large, it is best to prepare a flesh-colored or orange-colored lip liner will be more versatile. Lip liners that are too dark and too bright should be used with care, such as coffee, red, etc., which makes the lip makeup too dark and uncoordinated. The second is the texture of the lip liner: the lip liner should try to

Choose a higher oil content, so it is easy to color, smooth lines, and less damage to the lips. When buying a lip liner, try it on the back of your hand to see if the lines are smooth and not broken in the middle.

Before using the lip liner, pinch the tip with your thumb and forefinger for a few seconds. The temperature of the finger will soften the lip liner and make it smoother and smoother. Is the lip liner only used to outline the lip line? People’s answers are “yes” for a long time. In fact, the lip liner is not only used to outline the lip line.

You can also apply the entire lip. Use a lip liner to outline the upper lip and then apply the entire lip to the lips to obtain a lip that is not flooded and not easy to fall off. Apply lip from top to bottom.