How to choose high quality eyeliner products


This is the guarantee of eye health. Regular brand eyeliner products are strictly controlled from the formula to the quality. You do not have to worry about the health problems that cause eye infections.
Sharpen some eyeliner
The blunt eyeliner strokes are indeed softer and are suitable for creating smoky eye makeup. But if the refill is almost ready to be retracted into a wooden pen, don't be lazy anymore. This can also cause allergies and rubbing against your cornea and eyelids. Sharpen the eyeliner, and then gently rub the nib on the paper towel to make the nib rounder. If you want to be lazy, try a double-headed automatic eyeliner, which can be polished to the point of being self-tapping. The other head of the sponge brush can also help you to smoke a smoke effect.
Wash your hands
If you like to use a finger to dazzle the eyeliner, remember to wash your hands before makeup. Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is one of the causes of eye irritation.
Give up sequin eyeliner
Although some products claim to be absolutely safe, it is not a good thing to use flash sequins too close to the eye, especially if you wear contact lenses. Tiny sequins can easily get underneath the contact lens and rub the eyeball for a long time. If you like shine, you can choose a glossy glossy eyeliner (liquid) or wear false eyelashes with a small crystal.