How to build the electric eye makeup with eyeliner?


Tool:Eyeliner,Powder eye shadow,Basic skin care products,Makeup products,Cosmetic mirror
Methods / steps
Makeup to light. Electric eye makeup from European and American style, all makeup are condensed in the eyes. So the foundation must be simple, to be thin, uniform and open, makeup feeling weak.
Choose dark gray or earth color eye shadow for eye makeup, first choose the darkest color painted at the end of the eye, not too heavy. In this example, we use the ground color, the color is very all-match.
Use white high light in the eye socket evenly coated, the area should be large. Then choose the second deep orange for eye shadow to do the foundation, and attached to the eyelashes position, painted a small area.
The use of the most dark at the end of the eye faint faint dye, so that the eyes of the eye shadow presents the deepest color, and in the corner of the eye to halo up the effect of the rise, so that the eyes seem to have elongated.
Position the inner eyeliner with an eye liner at the base of the lash. Re adjust the drawing, extending from the middle position of the eyes to the ends until his eyes, gently close attention, at the end of the pen, slightly smaller efforts. The outer liner pen is in the middle position of the eyes, from the inner corner of the eye gently strokes, gradually strengthen. From the middle position, gradually thickening, extending to the end of the eye, at the end of the need for appropriate thickening, and gently rising.
At the end of eye, again with eyeliner gently deepened, let the eye tail rise effect highlights, let eyes elongate, create a magic eye effect.
After the eye liner is complete, you can use the orange (sub dark eye shadow) to clean the lower eyelid in order to make the eyes more bright and solid. Finally, use the most light white high light to complete the final effect.
Matters needing attention
The first is to build the electric eye makeup skills charm eyeliner, and collocation level clear eye shadow, enhance the sense of charm. So pay extra attention to contrast and makeup eye makeup effect, makeup to be thin to light, on the contrary, the eye should be clear and strong.