How To Apply Eyeliner


You may be new to make up and be wondering how best to apply eyeliner pencil. This can take some practice to get right in order you will feel confident wearing it in public. Too much eyeliner and you look too dramatic especially in a daytime setting. Too little and the point is missed about using the product.

Properly applied it will enhance the natural shape of your eye and will add focus to your eyes. After practicing a few times, you will gain the skill and steady hand that is needed to apply this make up evenly.

You can use an eyeliner pencil, an eyeliner brush or a liquid liner dipped into a deep shadow to line your eyes. Eyeliner pencil should be done with shadow because it melts fast. Applying liquid eyeliner is to line the eyes starting from the inside of the lashes toward the outer part in one big sweep. If you are still learning, then you can start from the middle of the lash line going outward and just finish the line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle.

Make your decision on the most suitable eyeliner based on your skill at putting it on with ease. If you are new to make up, it may be better to wait until you have more practice with an eyeliner pencil. Someone who is experienced with liquid eyeliners will be able to brush it on with just one stroke.

If you are determined to use a liquid liner, take the time to practice using it. You will develop the skill to apply this make up before too long. You will need to be patient for the short time that it takes to dry. With practice, you can get the dark solid colouring that a liquid eyeliner offers.

If you choose to use a pencil, you will have to prepare the pencil for use as an applicator. Sharpen the pencil and then blunt the sharp pointed end of make up so that the pointed pencil will not hurt you, especially if you are new to applying this. This small precaution will save you the grief of poking your eye or eye area with a pointed object.

Apply the eyeliner on the lower and upper lids starting at the middle of the eye. If you completely encircle your eye with a liner, it creates a look that may be theatrical. Start in the centre of the lids and apply in an outward stroke. It may help you to imagine that you are following an invisible line as you apply a line to your lower lids under the lash line.

You can create a smoky look by smudging the outer corners of your eyes after you have used a pencil. Be careful not to smudge the line entirely off or the look will be that of a raccoon.

You may want to encircle your entire eye with eyeliner. If so, start at the inner corner and go out to the outer corner. If you apply the liner with a light touch, you will be able to enhance your eyes and add drama to your look.

Experiment for a look that is right for you. Examine how women with eye shape and size similar to yours apply theirs. Try colours other than black. Do not overwhelm your eyes with too much as this will distract the eye from the rest of your make up and will cause an imbalance in the appearance of your make up. A little eyeliner can enhance your eyes beautifully.