How long is the shelf life of eyebrow pencil


Eyebrow pencil has shelf life, because the eyebrow pencil is composed of grease and wax, plus all kinds of pigments needed, and some flavors such as flavors. These raw materials are mixed, heated in stages, taken out and cooled, and finally solidified, and then rolled into a refill. Most of the raw materials also have a shelf life, the main performance of expired is drying, slag and easy to fold, and the sense of use is greatly reduced.

Eyebrow pencil has a shelf life of three years. The eyebrow pencil is composed of oils and waxes, all kinds of pigments needed, and some flavors that increase flavor. Most of the raw materials also have a shelf life, so when using, you must remember the opening time. If you buy a single eyebrow pencil, there may be a box on the outside, and the box will generally have its best service life.

How to use eyebrow brush to draw eyebrows
1. First draw two lines on the eyebrow to determine the basic eyebrow shape. This is eyebrow trimming. The upper line is almost drawn, and the position of eyebrow peak is similar.
2. The next line is about the position of eyebrow tail, and then use the eyebrow scraper to scrape off all the extra hairs beyond the two eyebrow lines.
3. Determine the position of eyebrow, the length of eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail. As long as you find out these three points, it will be easier to draw eyebrows.
4. Choose the eyebrow pencil of your own hair color, connect the three points, and then choose eyebrow or eyebrow powder to fill the eyebrow.

What color eyebrow pencil looks good and natural
1. Brown
Brown eyebrow pencil is dark. Many fairies think it is not a preferred color. In fact, it is not. Although Brown is dark, it is very suitable for girls with natural skin color or dark skin color. Black hair is also suitable for foreign style color.
2. Gray
Grey is more natural. Although it lacks the harmony of brown, it is more suitable for girls with dark hair and dark hair.
3. Light brown
Light brown is suitable for girls with light hair color or fair skin. The painting will also be natural, better set off the skin color.

How to cut eyebrow pencil
Measure the length of the eyebrow pencil according to the mark on the eyebrow pencil cover, carve the mark on the eyebrow pencil with a knife, and then cut off the outer layer of the eyebrow pencil above the mark. After the brow pen core is exposed, use a knife to fine tune the surplus part of the pen head to make the pencil head become flat and not sharp as far as possible. Then polish the pen on the paper until the bevel appears.
What material is eyebrow pencil made of
The main components of eyebrow pencil are paraffin wax, beeswax, ground wax, petrolatum, Brazilian palm wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment, etc. The above raw materials are made into wax blocks and pressed into pencil cores in the slitting machine, and are bonded between two semicircular wooden strips in pencil shape for use.