How long can I use eyeliner to teach you how to apply Eyeliner?


Whether it is makeup, eyeliner and makeup or nude make-up, are essential steps. For people with small eyes, drawing eyeliner can increase the eye's role, and can improve the embarrassment of swelling of the eyes. As the old saying goes, "work is good, but you must sharpen your tools.". So if you want to draw a good eye liner, you have to know the tools you are using. Even if not proficient, but also on the market sales of eyeliner, eyeliner, liquid products have a comparative understanding. Clever use of eyeliner can draw accurate eyeliner, and the use of Eyeliner painted eyeliner, it is not easy to halo. Each has its own characteristics and has its own advantages.
What's the difference between eyeliner and Eyeliner?
1. the use of difficulty contrast: Eyeliner and eyeliner will be compared, the difficulty of eye liner is higher. This is because the eyeliner is not easy to dye, do not agree to modify. The best Eyeliner eyeliner and more coherent, need to hone their skills.
2.the actual makeup effect contrast: with eyeliner, painted eyeliner, makeup effect more lasting, not easy to halo dye, color is relatively black. Compared with eyeliner, eye liner paint makeup effect is more natural, it is difficult to fuse with eye shadow.
3. the degree of control contrast: hard head eyeliner is relatively difficult to grasp, so it is recommended beginners make-up can consider eyeliner and soft head eyeliner, liquid pen.
Eyeliner strokes out of the eye, bright color, not easy to keep; and when in use, smooth writing. More prominent point is that most of the Eyeliner Pen written relatively thin, and repeatedly painted difficult to control the thickness of the line of eyeliner. If you have to use eyeliner, make-up beginners for hard head Eyeliner Pen, because it is relatively easy to master. What needs to be reminded is that the eyeliner does not paint smoke, nor does it make sense of layering. So, eye liner pen is suitable for general make-up crowd.
Eyeliner eyeliner pencil sharpener, resembling, or available knife cut off the excess part of wood. Compared to eyeliner, eyeliner is easy to color, color easy to control, easy to dye. In general, make-up beginners for eyeliner, strokes, eyeliner, because the Eyeliner Pen is soft, vulnerable to fragile skin. After the make-up skills to upgrade, and then converted to use other Eyeliner tools more appropriate. But in the painting, to smear a powder in the liner parts, can solve the problem easily halo eyeliner.

Generally can use more than 3 months. However, for good eyes, 4 months did not run out, you have to change one, will breed bacteria