How does the lip liner be a lipstick


First draw with the lip liner, it is drawn along the inside of the lip, so it is more natural. Then apply the lip liner to the lips, just like applying lipstick. Usually the color of the lips will be dull, so the lip liner can cover the dull, and the lip will look more complete. The lip liner has a longer lasting than the lip balm than the lip gloss and the concealer. More importantly, it is easier to control the lip shape.

Generally good lip liner, when buying, it is best to use your own mouth to try, after all, everyone's lip color is not the same, but generally a series of several color choices. Need to choose a kind of good color, soft texture, relatively moist one.

The modified natural lip shape, the upper lip line is not obvious, and it is natural after use.Then put on a thin layer of lip gloss: it is finished.The lip liner can be used as a lipstick, but it doesn't look too good, it's a bit dry, pay attention to the way the lip liner is a lipstick.