How do you paint the end of the eye


It is finally time to begin the formal drawing! But where do you start from when you draw the eyeliner? The best place to judge is where the eyelashes grow.
Look at the root of the eyelashes
First of all, the eyelids should be stretched upwards to see clearly the growth status of the lashes at the end of the eye. Open the upper eyelids and check the position of the lashes at the end of the eye, where it is the best starting point for drawing eyeliners.
Want to draw the eye as much as possible to the maximum extent of the eye, the upper limit of the upper eyeliner is how much?
The longest eyeliner is the depression of the bone around the eye.
These are the cosmetics that we often use when we draw eye liners. Exquisite eyeliner is an important part of your Eyeliner Pencil . To make eye makeup more colorful, you need to first learn how the eyeliner is painted.