How do the eyeliner paint?


The first step of the eye solution is to shake the bottle of the eye liquid first, so that the liquid is wobble evenly.
After drawing the brush head of the eye solution, scrape off the excess Eyeliner liquid to make the eye line in uniform.
The pen with eyeliner fluid is easy to touch the eyelid, the eyeliner liquid is dry quickly, it is difficult to wipe clean.
For the first try Eyeliner fluid can first draw a few strokes on the back of the hand, familiar with the eyeliner solution.
The eye line is drawn from the corner of the corner of the eye of the eye, and the effect of the protruding up the tail of the eye is made.
Close the eyelash root from the upper eyelid to the end of the eye to the corner of the eye.
The liner is easy to open halo, so be rushed in powder, to prevent liquid eyeliner smudge.
If it is on your face, use the corner of a wet cloth or paper towel to gently wipe off the excess liquid.