How do the eyeliner become dry?


Rescue eyeliner pen method one
Make-up artist's proposal is to eyeliner, cap tightly, put in warm water soak for fifteen to twenty minutes, so eyeliner will melt open, and there will be a layer of moisture, water vapor will play the role of softening eyeliner , So you can continue to use more than 2 months, then longer will not work.
Rescue eyeliner pen method two
Water does not dissolve the liner, but the eyedrops can , a few drops of eye drops to the eyeliner inside, remember not too much, eyeliner is too thin, it is not good on the makeup, but this method will affect the eyeliner  waterproof.
Rescue eyeliner pen method three
Eyeliner liquid is relatively easy to dry, and some girls feel dry, add some eye drops or make-up water inside. Because the eyeliner dry, in order to put the eyeliner brush stained with water, wet, and then take a cotton pad to suck the water, and then draw eyeliner, so makeup on the very good. If not, then consider adding liquid lotion or eye drops liquid eye drops it, but remember not to add alcohol.
Rescue eyeliner pen method four
With a thinner texture of the emulsion, drop a drop to the surface of the liner, use, gently brush with a brush on the line, the emulsion with the eyeliner texture almost, so can be integrated with each other, but not too much, the surface is gone, then drop A little emulsion into, do not be lazy to "stir" the emulsion into the eyeliner, so your eyeliner will be too thin, and soon dry hair. Or not in order, first brush with lotion, then dip eyeliner, so no effect.
Rescue eyeliner pen method five
To prevent the eyedrops get rid of can really extend the life of eyeliner, usually using eyeliner, as long as attention to the details, you can easily extend the use of eyeliner fluid. Dipped eyeliner, immediately eyeliner upside down on the desktop, to avoid contact with oxygen due to contact with oxygen, and oxidation dry, but also solve the problem of repeated open cover, do not worry, the general eyeliner is solid, as long as Inverted time not more than five minutes, the general will not drip.