How do novices choose Eyeliner / solution?


  Beginners make-up girls must have common troubles, how to choose a good tool? For beginners, there are a lot of students do not buy big party, there are actually a lot of cabbage and easy to use things to see you have a piercing eye.
In order to meet the needs of the public, now make-up products dazzling, there are a lot of not so easy to use in which, so in the choice of not only listen to the price must try ah! You can try on the back of the hand.
Eyeliner has a lot of color, commonly used in black and brown, you can have one, eyebrows can also be used.
The painting will not be too hard after all is around the eyes painted, nor too light will not appear empty, see color, painted lines are smooth, color is not clear, the color is not a stroke after caking, refill not too hard.
Eyeliner Pen
Compared with eyeliner, in daily life better grasp of some eyeliner, it is recommended not only their own makeup and makeup of the girls. Try to choose some written a little thin when choosing eyeliner, not easy to make a mistake, in the back of the hand painted when dry, it would not be doing some lumps, after dregs; rub gently with the hand rub look will not fade or dizzy; if love makeup, fingers a little a little wet wipe is not fade a little bad, never mind, don't fade it directly to buy.