How do I choose the color of eye liner to make my eyes look watery?


NO.1 Daily makeup ,usually low-key female paper, or to go to work, usually choose black and brown, but most people choose this color, all-match well, we all understand, but also for the eye shadow color requirements are not high. But pay more attention to create a mature black makeup and makeup oh! In addition, like the brown coffee color can be used to create small smokey-eye make-up, the temperament of the lever.

NO.2 Party makeup ,at the moment, you have to create color + eyes of God, might as well try purple, pink, red wine and so on, but also in eyeliner, eye end don't forget to pull out, eyes immediately out of charm, but don't forget you, and the whole dress collocation good accessories color oh.

NO.3 Eyeliner makeup ,such as green, blue and other leisure these cool colors, motion are suitable for collocation leisure, vibrant clothing, especially Street loving relatives, may wish to prepare ourselves for a few pieces of different colors! The color eyeliner is a good choice when you come out on a small vacation!

NO.4 Exquisite makeup, in addition to pick the eye, tail, hook people's eye head outside, but also have to brighten the corner of the eye effect, then silver or white eyeliner is indispensable. The color of light to brighten the eyes, as long as gently smear on the eye head position, can make the eyes more close, suitable for wide Pro PD, but also make the eyes look bright, very suction eye!