Good eyeliner for makeup or liquid eyeliner


Eyeliner is the most accessible product for beginners. The selection of the refill should not be too hard or too soft. You can test the softness of the refill on the back of your hand before you buy it.
1., lighter and lighter pen can avoid overdrawn, too thick or too thick eyeliner.
2., we should adopt "progressive" method of overlapping coloring, and draw the eyeliner slowly.
3., you can lightly flutter a layer of foundation or honey powder, so that the eyeliner's makeup effect is durable, not easy to faint, and can inhibit eye oil production.
4. avoid painting the eyeliner. This old-fashioned way of drawing outlines the whole eye, but it is too prominent and unnatural.
50 million do not allow a gap between the eyeliner and the eyelids, which will make the ratio of the eyes very strange.
6. Try to draw near the root of eyelashes, which can strengthen the dense feeling of eyelashes.
7. use eyeliner or eye shadow to draw near the eye's head and gently push it open with fingers. It can create a nose like effect and make the nose more stereoscopic.
No danger of anything going wrong. 8. the color of the eyeliner is also very important. The bold and unaffected color is still dark brown, gray and black. These 3 colors are very suitable for the Orient. Bright colors such as orange, red and gold should match the eye collocation. Otherwise, if the picture is not good, it will not be in harmony with the pupil color.