Eyeliner tips


When there is no double eyelids, use eyeliner
Eyes are small, or no double eyelids, sketch eyeliner, only to make the eyes look bigger than the original. This is to draw the eyeliner abundance, it is recommended to choose not easy to open the gel type eyeliner. Use two color eyeliner pencils: black + brown, black + purple, black + gray and other color combinations to choose from. The key is black eyeliner pen close to the eyelashes, the other hue covered with black above, gradient mixed. Compared to the fine and artificial traces of the obvious black eyeliner, so that the eyes look bigger and more natural.
Various eye notes
The eye is wide
Eyeliner pencil or gel-type eyeliner pen to the eye outside the eye 1mm, so that the distance between the eyes was small.
The eyes are narrower
Do not draw the whole eyeliner, painted to the end of the eye 1/3 or so, and then keep up with eyeliner connection.
Eyes prominent
Sketched the black or dark lines of the eye has, with the same color eye shadow to create a gradient effect. Mucosal part of the upper and lower connections, make the eyes appear deep sense.
Eye dull or smaller eyes
Apply a faint glowing pearl eye shadow, the black eyeliner broadly outlined on the eyeliner, the lower eyeliner is filled with white eyeliner pencil, eyes look fresh and bright.
Eye tip upturned
Eye part of the eyeliner outlined with the pupil in parallel with the same line, and then mixed with eye shadow filled above the small triangle part of the eye. Try colored eyeliner: Apply colored eyeliner, both exotic and as if wearing colored invisible eyes. Eyes filled with words, with blue or purple filled under the eyeliner, eyes look bright.
Tips: not necessarily to draw the next eyeliner, the other can also be described according to the needs of several times, so that make-up effect optimization. Delineated before the eyeliner, slightly coated with loose powder or eye shadow, to prevent eyeliner opening phenomenon.