Eyeliner Pencil Makes Your Eyes Big and Gods


Eyeliner pencil is a kind of make-up products, used to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect, so that the eyes look big and God. Similar shape pencil. You can use a special pencil sharpener or knife to remove excess wood parts, but also to improve the thickness of the pen.

Eyeliner pencil is divided into pencil type and automatic pencil type two, used in the eye around the texture is very soft. Part of the texture of a slightly harder eyeliner with a long time holding effect, color deep, can be used to elongate the end of the eye, often used in drama and stage make-up. Most eyeliner is a silty texture, because the composition and texture and eyebrow pencil similar, so some manufacturers in turn eyebrow pencil and eyeliner (or eyeliner pencil and eye shadow pen) for the dual-use, the current type of eyeliner Mostly for the production of counter cosmetics company.

Compared with the eyeliner, eyeliner generally have natural, soft features, you can draw a natural level of makeup, easier to grasp than the eyeliner. But most easy to halo makeup, after the application, you can follow the shape of the eyeliner, pressure on the same color of the eye shadow powder can improve the problem of halo makeup.

Emulsion eyeliner express strong, easy to fall off after coloring, drawing lines are more smooth. But because of the thickness of the tip of the pen is limited, draw the line thickness is not easy to change, so the use of this type of eyeliner, should be prepared to replace a pen tip, so that both can describe the delicate, smooth lines, Coarse soft lines.

Pencil type eyeliner use, carry are very convenient, the price is low, is the average wage of women to carry things. But its expressive force is weak, easier to fall off after coloring, suitable for short time when used. In the work and daily life, it is one of your tools at any time makeup.

So how do you choose the eyeliner that suits you? According to our oriental skin color and eye color, dark gray and dark brown eyeliner is the best choice. If your face is dark or yellow, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner in order to make your eyes more prominent; if your face is healthy pink or white, choose dark brown eyeliner, can make your Eyes look spirited, full of charm.