Eyeliner pencil and eyebrow pencil the same? What's the difference?


   Eyeliner is used to enhance and highlight the make-up effect of the eye, so that the eyes look big and god. Shaped like a pencil. Remove the excess wood use a pencil sharpener or a knife, can also improve the thickness of the pen. Bibi good soft core Eyeliner texture, painting it will not hurt the skin, color saturation, color is not a stroke after caking or uneven, when the painting can use eyeliner brush lightly, to achieve the best effect of beauty.
Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow pencil modern has two forms, one is the pencil type, the other is a push tube, when used to refill out thrush. Is your eyebrow thrush, can be more three-dimensional. Eyebrow Pencil Eyeliner for refills relative to the thick, hard texture, if used in the eyelid, have certain harm to the eyes. Use the eyebrow brush in the thrush, can make the eyebrow more natural, fresh and elegant. The good points of the eyebrow, soft texture, easy to color, lasting makeup, excellent ductility, can easily draw natural eyebrow.https://www.cosmeticpenpackaging.com/