Eyeliner pen no water how to do?


   Eyeliner pen is evolved from the eyeliner, more durable than the eyeliner, easier to color, good eyeliner strokes out of the lines smooth, rich colors, pen-like design is also easy to operate, but the eyeliner pen has a Defect, that is, after a period of time, there will be no water or not smooth and so on, this time do not think that eyeliner pen run out. If you want to know how to save your eyeliner pen, then take a look at the following content!
   Eyeliner pen does not come out of water
   Eyeliner pen in the use of a period of time, the skin of the silty or other things will stick to the head, over time, writing will naturally block the outlet, this time eyeliner pen will not water or not smooth, But do not think that eyeliner liquid pen so soon run out, the following to teach you to save eyeliner pen method.
Save eyeliner pen method
   1, first with warm water to clean the pen, and then use absorbent paper to dry the water, shake, in the arm or paper more than a few times, the beginning may be very light, but more than a few times on the normal.
   2, eyeliner pen when placed, the tip must be down or flat, after use must be covered in time to cover.
   3, once found eyeliner pen a little dry, draw the lines are not so smooth, it is necessary to promptly put the tip down into a cup of warm water bubble a bubble.