Eyeliner pen, liquid eye-liner, Eyeliner Selection to Eyeliner


Eyelids a little edema single eyelid girl can draw a good eye makeup
Try to choose bright pink eye shadow darker eye shadow wiping the roots of the hair slightly outward above the blooming at the same time close to the eyelashes root line painted on the eyeliner, matched with mascara-like eye makeup, both clean and God. Deliberately stressed eyeliner with dark eye shadow smear eye end close to the roots of eyelashes and then close to the roots of eyelashes painted on the eyeliner stressed eye contour brush on the black mascara eyebrow eyelashes brush several times.
Eyeliner makes the eyes look god and bigger, have a more skilled way, otherwise wipe more trouble. Eyes look down, with your fingers gently eyes up to mention the eyeliner 2/3, close to the eyeliner began to draw according to everyone like to draw rough or thin from 2/3 before the end of the painting also according to their preferences Pick up to be too exaggerated.

Single eyelids and fine samples make their eyes look bigger
With a darker eye shadow wiping the end of the eye near the eyelashes root slightly outside the halo of the eyeliner close to the eyelashes root stripes coupled with black mascara at the end of the eye plus some thick smoky makeup almost blindly single eyelid girls tailor-made.
To light down to avoid drawing too heavy, too thick or too thick eyeliner.
Do not let eyeliner and eyelids between the gap, this will make the proportion of the eyes become very strange.
To take progressive overlapping color painting slowly painted eyeliner.