Eyeliner pen how to use


I believe that the eyeliner is a lot of novice feel difficult, especially with  eyeliner, if the master is not good, eyeliner will be painted crooked, different thickness, then the novice how to draw eyeliner?
Method / step
Eyeliner pen grip method
Eyeliner and pencil method is the same, the more the better control of the front line. For the first test eyeliner can first draw a few pen in the back of the hand, familiar with the eyeliner of the painting.
To prevent trembling
Eyeliner when the time may wish to rely on the right hand little finger to live on the cheek fixed, received elbow on the table, so that you can maintain a balance, when the eyeliner is not easy to shake hands.
The mirror is below
In the eyeliner when the small mirror on the bottom of the eye, eyes down to see, so that they can see more clearly.
Fingers up the eyelids
 Eyeliner must be close to the roots of true eyelashes, so when the eyeliner with the other hand to hold up the eyelids slightly, head to the top, so that the roots of eyelashes fully exposed, so you can clearly see the eyelash gap.
Draw three lines of eyeliner
Novice may wish to try to draw three paragraphs, the first paragraph of the first paragraph A to the end of the eye as the starting point, painted to the middle, and then to the eye as a starting point, and A link together. Finally, extend the C section, along the extension from the end of the eye, and finally fade out.
Follow the eyeliner
In a depiction of eyeliner, fill the roots of eyelashes, the lines of the eyeliner sketch, or can be appropriate bold eyeliner.