Eyeliner painting detailed steps


Step one: First, apply mascara on the upper eyelashes, as shown in the figure, pull the upper eyelid slightly upward with the pulp, try not to blink. Multi-coated layers, eyelashes will be thicker longer.

Step two: Start drawing eyeliner, gently pull the eyelid skin, thus providing a smooth surface to the lash line. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, gently draw toward the center, and then start from the inner corner to the middle of the picture.

Tips: Do not rush to finish one step, but the same as sketching the outline of the first frame, and then you can perfect complement.

Step three: take advantage of eyeliner or wet, with a cotton swab up the direction of the end of the eyeliner pull, to create a cat's eye feeling.

Step four: pull out the curve along the cotton swab, and then from the corner of the eye and then go through the eyeliner to make it look more complete.