Eyeliner painting and techniques


Eyeliner is a soul of the eye makeup of the pen, a good eyeliner determines your gas field. Today to teach you to use eyeliner pen to draw eyeliner, for those who do not draw eyeliner, we must be optimistic about the eyeliner on the painting and skills.
Step1: First take a short section of transparent glue, first in the back of the hand more than a few times to reduce its viscosity, and then aligned under the eyelid curvature paste into oblique.
Step2: get eyeliner pen first shake a few times to ensure that eyeliner can flow out smoothly. And then along the upper part of the eyelids on the eyelashes, began to draw the eyeliner in the roots.
Step3: to transparent glue for the ruler, along the direction of transparent glue to extend the eyeliner. The extension of the time to have a thick to fine process, so that eyeliner presents a very natural state.
Step4: draw a good eye after the eye, to be eyeliner dry, and then slowly the transparent glue from the bottom up to tear up.
Step5: Then the upper eyelid eyeliner to make up, so that the entire eyelash roots through the line, forming a very smooth lines. When painting can be slow, as long as the eyeliner can be connected into a line like.
Step6: the final check their own eyeliner painted no, the eyelashes between the roots did not fill the full fill. The whole eyeliner does not need to be very supple, but there must be no gap is complete.