Eyeliner or liquid eye-liner which is more suitable for you?


Eyeliner and liquid eye-liner are commonly used products, in the texture, the use of methods and makeup on the more different. Today, we will analyze the two eyeliner for you, to facilitate your choice.
Eyeliner for makeup novice. Writing hard, easy to operate up.
Want to create a smoked feeling, the use of eyeliner is very suitable, modeling freely, blooming convenience. And for the pursuit of more refined makeup effect of people, eyeliner is probably not a good choice. Eyeliner on a makeup, the whole makeup on the basic out of the "light" the word. When eyeliner is skined with eyeliner, the contours of the eyeliner are not smooth enough, and it is easier to halo makeup.
Moreover, eyeliner pen tip thickness and angle are required to adjust regularly, may finally be easy to use, and they have to cut, more trouble. When picking eyeliner, you should choose the pen hardness is moderate, with more smooth products. Because if the hardness of the refill is not appropriate, easy to cause easy on the makeup, refill fracture and other issues.
Liquid eye-liner
Liquid eye-liner can draw more refined results, but also need a higher level of make-up.
If usually eye makeup is easy to halo, or thick eyelids, liquid eye-liner will be more suitable. Liquid eye-liner can draw smooth lines, light texture. If you master the usage, will be more convenient than the liquid eye-liner, makeup remover is also easier.
Pick eyeliner, if it is a brush head, pay attention to the hair can not be bifurcated, the tip to be fine. Automatic water and dip can be used. When using a dip type, care should be taken to control the amount of eyeliner. But if you are accustomed to painting eyeliner, eyeliner is not suitable for. Because when you are drawing inside the eyeliner, not only is not easy to color, and the pen is too thin and the angle of the inner eyelid does not lead to draw the failure of the eyeliner.https://www.cosmeticpenpackaging.com/