Eyeliner novice skills


Generally speaking beginners to draw eyelids students, will be more nervous, because they will be afraid to touch their eyes, so every drawn lines are either crooked or uneven thickness, so this thing, like the painter, need a lot of Practice, in order to achieve the goal of practice empathy, but here are some tips, I will explain below.

Tips 1. Pencil light This is a problem we all neglected, some people have to ask, do not paint light painting is very light What, I will go home next to you, and now you just remember, you can write a light , So you can avoid drawing too heavy, too thick or too thick eyeliner.

Tip 2. Here, I'll answer the question one skill, if you want deep how to do, here we use the "progressive" overlapping color painting, slowly eyeliner out, rather than in place, because We are newbies, a place we have not so skillful, so the use of progressive methods, have a look good place can be adjusted at any time.

Tip 3. Eyeliner finish, you can use a layer of foundation or powder lightly flutter in the eyeliner, the purpose of doing so is to make the eyeliner more lasting effect, and can restrain the eye out of oil and so on.

Tip 4.Try to avoid going to draw eyeliner (unless you have smoked makeup), under the liner painting, you can outline the whole eye, but this effect is counter-productive to your makeup was very unnatural.

Tip 5. Draw eyeliner, be sure to pay attention to, do not appear before the liner with the eyes did not draw eyeliner skin color, so the proportion of your eyes will be very strange, very uncoordinated.

Tip 6. Pull your eyelids up, try to draw the eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, so that not only the eyeliner is drawn but also your eyelashes will be more dense.

Tip 7. For the choice of eyeliner color, many people know what to do, the safest colors are the following: dark brown, iron gray and black, these three colors are more suitable for Oriental yellow skin; other colors, such as bright orange Red, red and gold, should be based on the corresponding eye make-up to match, but pay attention to coordination, or with the Asian black pupil color is not coordinated.