Choose the right eye liner pen


Many girls will complain that they are hand mutilated, they will ask me how to draw Eyeliner? The most important thing is to choose the right Eyeliner products first. Today I'll give you some popular eye liner products to help you choose the right one for you!
1. hard Eyeliner
Advantages: novice easy to use, the effect of nature
Disadvantages: poor durability, poor fineness
When many girls begin to make up, they probably start with the pencil type of hard eyeliner. This class of products because of the color will not be too strong, you can gradually describe slowly, repeatedly modified, makeup effect is more natural.
However, because of its poor chromaticity, its fineness is not good. If the pen is relatively thick, it may be very difficult to color in detail, and it is not delicate.
Hard eyeliner is dry, sometimes rubbing mud, uneven color. You can see it on your arm. It has spot cards on the skin. At the same time, its durability is relatively poor, easy to halo. Therefore, make-up remover is also easier to unload.
2. Gel Eyeliner
Advantages: easy to operate, and show good color
Disadvantages: durability is generally good, poor fineness
A. Eyeliner Pen
Eyeliner Pen is a pen between solid and liquid, more viscous, soft paste, as in all aspects of the conditions are more eclectic. Durability is better than that of hard liner products, slightly lower than the liquid. The makeup is natural, but not as liquid as it is. Also more convenient to operate, you can slowly draw, slowly modify.
Because the texture is soft, and the color is good, the sense of use will be better than the hard eyeliner. The design of the pen, the use of feeling great, painted lines of liquid more natural and smooth, suitable for beginners.
However, due to the nature of the gel, it is not fine, and the sticky texture may make the skin feel a bit uncomfortable. For people with oily skin, may be dizzy dye panda eyes, the use of such products, you can paint in the eye liner after a layer of loose powder or eye shadow powder.
B. Eyeliner
Eyeliner and glue pen, soft texture, good color. Besides, a small box of paste is very durable. And because it is dipped, you can color it on your arm, so you can avoid getting too heavy. And with the brush to use, if it works, the effect will be very good.
Some do well eyeliner, waterproof function and even comparable to eyeliner.
3. Liquid Eyeliner
Advantages: good color, good durability and fine finish
Disadvantages: higher technical requirements
A. eye liner
In contrast, liquid eyeliner products have good durability and are not susceptible to staining. Among them, the eye liner is to open the lid, brush with eyeliner, you can control the amount of liquid eyeliner, but easy to take too much or uneven. Moreover, the brush handle is short and not easy to operate.
If the operation is skilled, can be very good control to the eye liner liquid dip take, the line will be very full of it. If it is not enough skilled, handshaken, lines will not smooth, the original sharp color will be more smooth the disadvantages of amplification.
B. Eye Liner Pen
Eyeliner is a combination of brush and liquid. It can be said that the eyeliner Bisuan is a modified version of eyeliner.
Eyeliner these years has been sought after, color is very good, the nib design can also take care of the details of the site and thoughtful, compared eyeliner, design of automatic water more convenient for the non professional us, but also easy to operate. However, as the liquid eyeliner, Eyeliner products are not easy to modify, need to go.log on to our official website for more details :