Eyeliner how to use the initial test eyeliner will learn


Eyeliner to draw the feeling is more dense, relative to the line is more obvious, for people who draw smoothly, usually feel easy to use a lot of eyeliner. But no matter what kind of you use it, you must take into account the quality of eyeliner or eyeliner, it is best to fine texture and low sensitivity to the eyes, low irritation, because the eyes are quite fragile.
The first step with eyeliner is to shake the eyeliner bottle, so that the liquid shaking evenly.
Remove the eyeliner after the brush, scraping off the excess eyeliner, so that eyeliner thickness consistent.
Stained with eyeliner pencil body is easy to get to the eyelids, eyeliner dry fast, it is difficult to clean.
For the initial test eyeliner can first draw a few pen in the back of the hand, familiar with the eyeliner painting.
From the corner of the eye 1/3 began to draw eyeliner, and create a prominent effect of eye-catching tail.
Close to the eyelashes root from the eyeliner eye slowly painted to the corner of the eye, and bold eye lines.
Under the eyeliner is easy to halo, so need to rush on the powder, to prevent liquid eyeliner halo open.
If you are on your face, gently wipe the excess liquid with a damp cloth or a corner of the paper towel.