Eyeliner how to draw zero mistakes


Compared to the eyeliner, eyeliner pen tip brush to be flexible, flexibility directly affects the adjustment of the thickness of the eyeliner, and can not be split, more conducive to depicting the growth of eyelashes edge. At the same time can save time to repeatedly modify eyeliner, to help you a stroke.

Step 1: Take a short piece of transparent plastic, stick it several times on the back of the hand to reduce its stickiness, which will reduce the use of transparent glue because the adhesive is too heavy to hurt the fragile skin.
Step 2: The viscous weakened transparent adhesive sticky position in the map by the eye, the reference point for the eye to eyebrow tails of a straight line, be careful not to eyelashes and hair sticking.

Step 3: Eyeliner pen from the middle of the eye near the eyelash began to the end of the eye to paint, it is recommended to use a small finger against the cheek, keeping the hand stable and prevent jitter.

Step 4: From the middle of the eye, always draw outward to the clear adhesive, and then treat your clear adhesive edge as a ruler, along the ruler. At the same time, we must make sure your lines are drawn thinner and thinner, which makes it seem natural.

Step 5: Gently and gently remove the adhesive from bottom to top.

Step 6: Next, the remaining eyelids are filled, still starting from the central part of the eye, the direction of the eye to draw, pay attention to the more finer lines of the eye. After that, fill in the gap between eyelashes and eyeliner, and then draw an inner liner.
Step 7: The overall eyeliner is slowly extended from the eyes to the end of the eye, followed by a slightly upturned arc, but also pay attention to the eye triangle area to be filled.