Eyeliner Golden Rule


   Eyeliner, liquid, cream selection rules: the personal experience, no matter how good eyeliner will have a dizzy embarrassment, if the makeup with a long time is better not to use eyeliner, easy to make panda eyes. Eyeliner is the advantage of easy to makeup, so particularly suitable for novice use. Eyeliner is not easy to blooming, but the disadvantage is more suitable for make-up skilled veteran, because after all, are soft brush, it is difficult to master, easy to draw crooked. For now, eyeliner cream is relatively good product, because the eyeliner brush is flat, easy to operate, and paste the object is not easy to halo makeup, but the drawback is that eyeliner sometimes powder phenomenon, and the general price A lot of money.
   10 ° rule: before painting the eyeliner, be sure to carefully check the eyes to see if the tail of the eye with the lower eyelid can form a 10 ° angle. If the angle is greater than 10 °, then draw the corner of the eyeliner to reduce the point to 10 °, if less than 10 ° to pick up some. Keep the eyeliner at 10 ° the most perfect.
    Because of the "eye" approach to the law: eyeliner is not static, different eyes suitable for different eyeliner. If it is wearing glasses MM, it should increase the eyeliner, so that it will not be covered by the lens; if it is within the double sisters, then increase the eyeliner with eyeliner, but also to draw a wider, so as to create a natural Double eyelid big eye effect; if the eyes of some sagging sisters, then in the eyeliner, close to the eyelid roots of the eyelids, and fill the gap with the eyeliner, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye to keep the width of the eyeliner gradually widened The The last corner of the eye will have to pull out a piece of eyeliner, this can correct the problem of drooping eyes; if the eyes are wide distance sisters, you have to emphasize the inner corner, shorten the distance between eyes. To be inside the eye painted on the thin eyeliner, and in the above covered with a layer of thin black eye shadow.