Eyeliner eyeliner method


Beginner Eyeliner, first touch the insider easy to tremble, resulting in coarse and light uniform, wave ups and downs, up to the United States to avoid hand trembling, writing a small finger on the cheekbones, or elbow support the desktop, or elbow close to the wall, so Writing hand fixed, drawing the eyes when the face to move, so that the hands of the mirror up and down to move the eyeliner painted well, can only see when opening his eyes, but also to see the eyes closed when no self-examination method: Eyes, mirror face up, eyes look down, face to move, can see their eyelids, observe the eyeliner thickness is not proper, to ensure that eyelid effect along the eyes of eyelashes at the bottom of the eye painting, painting thick eyes large, eye lines to clean points Root painting
Eyeliner , the first painting of the eye when each painting are the same eyeliner painting will be repeated to draw several times recommended the first painting eyeliner first use eyeliner drawing
1. grip the eyeliner and hold the pencil method to keep the more in front of the better control of the line before the first grinding round
2. gently pull the eyelid mirror away from the body 20 cm Department of eyes to look down with the ring finger to gently pull up the eyelids
3. From the end of the eye painted with eyelashes root from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye section to describe each section to maintain about 2 mm
4. Repeatedly depict the first with the index finger to the nose to the direction of the nose and then draw from the corner to the eye so that eyeliner looks slim
5. Draw the eyeliner first with the ring finger gently pull down the eyelids and then close to the eyelashes from the eye at the end of the eye painted under the eyeliner
6. Strengthen the eye with eyeliner along the eyelashes root to draw the eye to create the corner of the eyeliner gradually hidden effect
7. Use a cotton swab to flatten the head of the cotton head from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye line to push the line from the clear
8. halo eyeliner and eyeliner in the opposite direction from the corner of the eye to the eye halo open eyeliner should not force too much.