Eyeliner dry how to do it


Eyeliner dry how to do, which is troubled by a lot of beauty of a problem, what brand of eyeliner is also a good problem, in fact, eyeliner is a certain life, the time will be to kill, but the length of time, but the problem There are still some tips can be delayed.
In fact, eyeliner is relatively easy to dry, and some beautiful feel dry, go inside plus eye drops or make-up water. Because the eyeliner dry, so put eyeliner brush stained with water, wet, and then take the cotton pad to absorb water, and then painted eyeliner, so good on the makeup. Beautiful women who can try! If not, then consider the eyeliner add lotion or eye drops it, do not add alcohol .
In fact,  Often own meet her several bottles of Eyeliner do what to do, in fact, no matter what brand you buy, as long as the time after 3~4 months will become dry, as long as the use of the time exposed to air, water and oil and its volatile, will become dry, but if only 3~4 months do they have to throw away it, it's really a waste of. In fact, the lid can be eyeliner, put in hot water method and general mascara, because the heat will be dissolved, it is also a let Eyeliner after dry again moisturizing method, but it is just temporary.