Eyeliner detailed steps


   (1) If you are using eyeliner, first shake the eyeliner bottle, so that the liquid mixture evenly. And then out of the eyeliner brush, and hang the excess liquid, so that eyeliner bristles consistent thickness.
(2) For the less skilled beauty of the door, you can now practice the hands of a few strokes to familiar with the feel.
(3) To get pen (brush) of the index finger and ring finger attached to the cheek, so you can prevent shaking. The other hand index finger chop eye end, and lift up, chin lift, eyes down the mirror.    And then from the corner of the eye 1/3 began to draw eyeliner, back and forth way to draw the eyeliner evenly.
(4) From the end of the eye outside, the more the end of the fold, so that eyeliner rose.
(5) At this time there is a gap between eyeliner and eyelashes, looks very strange, use eyeliner (brush) will fill the gap, so that eyeliner natural, beautiful.