Eyeliner color selection


Black and coffee are usually chosen. Suitable for daily makeup.
Also with eye shadow color, suitable for PARTY makeup.
White Eyeliner has bright effect. Usually used in the lower eyelid. White eyeliner is popular in Japan and Korea. It is an indispensable weapon for "sleeping silkworm makeup".

Use Skills
When drawing eyeliner, everyone draws differently. After the eyeliner is painted, it will be repeated several times.

So suggest that you first draw eyeliner, first use the Eyeliner Pen to draw.
1, holding Eyeliner Pen
It's the same as holding pencils. The more you hold the pencil in front, the better you can control the line. Before grinding the pen, you should round it.
2. Lightly pull eyelids
Place the mirror 20 centimeters away from your body. Look down with your eyes and gently pull your eyelids up with your ring finger.
3. Drawing from the End of the Eye
Following the eyelash root, the eyelashes are depicted from the tail of the eye to the corner of the eye in segments, each of which is maintained at about 2 mm.
4. Repeated Description
First use the index finger to pull the corner of the eye to the nose, then draw it from the corner of the eye to the tail of the eye, so that the eyeliner looks fine.
5. Draw the eye liner.
First use the ring finger lightly to pull down the eyelid, then close the eyelash to draw the lower Eyeliner from the eye tail to the corner of the eye.

6. Enhancing the corners of the eyes
Use the eyeliner to draw the corner of the eyelash to the corner of the eye to create the effect of gradual withdrawal of the eyeliner.
7. Use cotton sticks
Squash the cotton pads with your hands and push the eyeliner evenly from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye to make the lines clear.
8, dizzy Eyeliner
In contrast to the direction of the eye liner, open the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the tail of the eye and avoid overexertion.