Eyeliner beginner must


Many girls will be delayed because of many times the eyeliner, resulting in dating late, late work and so on, today I will teaching  you 1 minute eyeliner painting, how to draw eyeliner more quickly, to bring you 1 minute eyeliner secrets, so that you later Will not be delayed because of the eyeliner.
Eyeliner is the vane of the makeup, different eyeliner can give a different feeling, but the eyeliner is a big problem in the makeup! Many girls because of the eyeliner delay a lot of time, resulting in late date, late work and so on . Do not draw Eyeliner, then the whole person will look a little less confident, so the eyeliner can not paint, today  gave everyone to bring 6 kinds of eyeliner 1 minute secrets, so that we no longer worry about the late question .
1  Deer-like round eyes
Looks more flexible and mellow, looks like it will be younger, square face or baby fat face, you can try to create this vibrant round eyes with eyeliner.
How to make up?
Step1: first down the roots of the upper and lower eyelashes, sketched out the basic upper and lower eyeliner.
Step2: and then in the pupil is just above and outside the extra bold eyeliner, so you can create a magnifying pupil effect, so that the eyes more God.
2 Long eye makeup
It is suitable for want to create a charming feminine makeup, long eye tail to allow girls to enhance the degree of sexy moments, the key lies in the eye is the outline of the eye tail is very suitable for visually want to elongate eye type of melon seeds face, Or a round face of the girls.
How to make up?
Step1: from the eyes of the eye 1/3 began close to the roots of eyelashes painted eyeliner out of the eyeliner (the length of the eyeliner is about the eyes of the 2/5 can)
Step2: upper eyeliner slightly elongated, naturally folded back to the end of the eye, the end of the eye will be the upper and lower eyeliner natural convergence.
3 Cat eye makeup
Is a sexy girl favorite eye makeup, can give people noble, gorgeous, cold feeling, cat eye makeup can make eyes with sexy charm, but also for improving the sagging eye type. Dan Fengyan and almond eyes of the girls may wish to try this one bar ~
How to make up?
Step1: first draw the eye part of the upper and lower eyeliner, lower eyeliner only painted in front of 1/3 Up and down eyeliner in the eye at the need for natural fusion.
Step2: the upper eyeliner to continue along the roots of the eyelashes painted, do not need too thick, slightly longer eye tail.
4 Eyes are too wide
Deepen the eyes of the eyeliner can make the eyes look narrow, do not think that in the eyes painted eyeliner will be very complicated
How to make up?
Step1: Draw a thin basic eyeliner along the roots of the eyelashes above the eyes.
Step2: eyes continue to outline the sagging eyeliner, and gently bold eyes tail.
5  Want the overall makeup effect is delicate and charming
Sagging eyeliner is very suitable for the use of the eyes of the sagging feeling, so that the eye is not sharp sharp, the interpretation of a kind of delicate and charming painful eyes, you want to create a fresh makeup of your eyes more round you do not miss Sagging eye makeup ~
How to make up?
Step1: first along the roots of eyelashes to draw the basic eyeliner, and then draw in the end of the eye want to rise in the curvature.
Step2: from the end of the fold back out of the basic shape of the eye rose.
Step3: in the basic eyeliner above and then draw a liner, natural and eye tail convergence.
Step4: In the outline of the eyeliner shape, with eyeliner or eyeliner paste to fill.

6  If you feel some narrow eyes
You can try this kind of eyeliner painting, can make the eyes look wide, suitable for all kinds of face, but also with a trace of flirtatious atmosphere.
How to make up?
Step1: do not draw eyes, start from the later position to the end of the eye, and then slightly stretched in the eye tail 2mm and bold.
Step2: The length of the lower eyeliner is about 2/5 of the eyeliner, and the natural convergence at the end of the eye.https://www.cosmeticpenpackaging.com/