Eyeliner basic painting


Soft eyeliner, also known as eyeliner, drawing hands to be stable, under the pen should be higher than the outline of the eye, because of its bright colors, suitable for heavy makeup.
Shake the bottle

The first step in using eyeliner is to shake the eyeliner's body first and shake the liquid evenly.

2. Scrape excess liquid

After taking out the liner of the eyeliner, scrape the excess eyeliner so that the thickness of the eyeliner is the same.

3. Wipe pen body

Eyelid touch pen body is easy to touch the eyelids, eyeliner liquid fast, hard to clean.

Practice drawing

For the first test of liquid eyeliner first hand painted a few pen, familiar with the eyeliner painting method.

5 manufacturing rise effect

From the corner of the eye 1/3 start drawing eyeliner, and create outstanding eye tail rise effect.

6. End of the eye painted to the corner

Eyelash root close to the eye from the bottom of the eye slowly draw to the corner of the eye, and bold eye tail line.

7. Draw the liner

Lower eyeliner is easy to dizzy, so you need to fly on the powder to prevent the liquid eyelid halo open.

8. Wipe with paper towel

If you get on your face, immediately wipe excess fluid with a damp cloth or a corner of tissue.