Eyeliner and liquid eye-liner is the best choice for cat eyes


The eyeliner is the best secret weapon to increase eyes, and it is also a step that many people most want to learn but always draw bad make-up. This period to bring you this super detailed liner painting, through a combination of eyeliner and eye liner to create the most perfect cat eye makeup.
1. Color eye shadow: select the skin color or beige and other light color, without obvious luster eye shadow, brush in the eyelid bottom, dark, uneven skin color.
2. First depict the rough eye line: with the eye line liquid to a small and round way and so, in the eyelash root drawing a big eye line, first do not need to repair the edge of the line.
3. Find the end of the eye line: from the end of the eye to the eyebrow tail of the imaginary line, first use the eyeliner at the end of the presupposition at the end of the point to mark a little.
4. Extend the eye line up: the eyeliner extends up to just the mark, and it is first to outline the lines, not to be drawn too fine.
5. Again: along the line drawing with the foundation of the eyeliner, then use eyeliner again back once, let the whole line more smooth and neat, but also to fill the inner liner.
6. To apply the liner backing way under the eyelash root gap fill, as long as the lower eyelid to intermediate length can be 1/2.
7. Connection liner: resequent scan once again just under the line, the more to the end of eye to shrink, and the eye tail triangle area fill, eyes will not have a piece of white leakage.
8. Cotton stick modified eyeliner: when the eyeliner fluid is not fully dried, use cotton stick to repair the eye tail radian, and also modify the picture which is not smooth or not enough.