Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil can be universal?


Can not.
Many people choose eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner in the absence of an eyeliner, which is actually wrong. From the material, silty, on the color, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner are very different, eyebrow pencil to draw eyeliner for the eyes is a harm.
Speaking from the material
Eyebrow pen refills and eyeliner than to, though hard, but relatively speaking eyebrow pen refill to be harder. Our eyes, especially the eyelids of the skin than other skin to be more fragile, simply can not stand the hard-working tools to draw, often over-pull the skin around the eye, it will be obvious that the growth of eye wrinkles. Therefore, the eyeliner can not be replaced with eyebrow pencil.
Speaking from the silty
Eyebrow pen silty and eyeliner silty is different, eyebrow pen silty are hard silty, easy to take off and color uneven, stiff lines. The eyeliner silty eye skin for the design, usually contain anti-oil composition, to prevent makeup, easily colored and smooth lines. On the silty and different, also led to not use eyebrow pencil to replace eyeliner.
In terms of color
Most of the eyebrow pencil alone painted on the skin can be found uneven, blunt lines, compared with the eyeliner, the point is to be enlarged, most of the eyeliner is very easy to color and easy to paint, this One point is that eyebrow pencil can not replace the eyeliner.