Eyelid eyeliner painting method


Beat the eye socket Use a pearly light foundation to shine on the eye socket, to facilitate the eye shadow color and make the color more vivid.
Brush eye shadow brushing the eyelids painted pink eye shadow, deep eyelid, orbital office to shallow.
Step 3.
On the eye liner paste lashes root, painted from the corner of the eye to the end of pink eyeliner, drawn lines from coarse to light effect.
Eyeliner painted eye lashes painted the roots of the eyeliner, at the end of the eye draw the effect of rising eyeliner.
Brush the eyelashes gently before brushing eyelash color, and then brushing from the roots of eyelashes.
Draw eyeliner using pearl light eyeliner, close to the mucous membrane depicting the liner, and brighten the corner of the eye.
Brush under the eyelashes brushing eyelashes central lashes, eyelashes on both sides to retain a clear state.
Replenishing eyeshadow with the same color and eye liner eye shadow, at the end of eye and lower eyelid smear.