Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, how to choose a suitable thrush tool


The sentence "look at the eyebrows first" shows the importance of eyebrows for a make-up. The first look at the past is often the first look at people's eyes.
In ancient times, there are many ways to describe a woman's beauty, such as yuanshandai and liuyemei. But if a person's eyebrows are not suitable for themselves, it will become very strange.
Eyebrow shape is very important, but the color and shade of eyebrows will also determine whether a person's overall temperament is comfortable and good-looking.
Eyebrows have been known as the "finishing touch" of the whole makeup. Eyebrow shade is always an important parameter for fashion.

Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil
A long time ago, the lady knew how to ask her husband "the depth of the thrush goes into the time.". We can see the importance of thrush. In order to draw this eyebrow well, many people have also made great efforts.
At that time, it is particularly important to choose a suitable thrush tool. Is it eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil? How to choose a suitable tool for your eyebrow? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look.
Eyebrow powder:
Eyebrow powder is to use the eyebrow powder brush to dip the eyebrow evenly on the eyebrow, from the eyebrow head to the eyebrow tail direction, the gentle force should be even, than using the eyebrow pencil to draw. Eyebrow powder should be natural
Matte eyebrows can obviously fill the gap between eyebrows and help to modify eyebrow. Without eyebrow, any eye shadow that is consistent with the eyebrow can also achieve the same effect.
Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, lasting color and a variety of uses (can be used after the eyebrow pencil to fix the makeup, can also be used before the eyebrow gel).
If it is not used properly, it may be heavy. In order to avoid this kind of situation, use the super fine angle eyebrow brush to draw the eyebrow powder. If it still looks a little thick, you can also cover your eyebrows with some loose powder.
Choose the right color for you. Eyebrow powder is mainly related to hair color, and then consider skin color and eyebrow thickness.
Because the light in the daytime is brighter, it is not suitable for wearing dark makeup. It will make people feel a little strange. The light is dark at night, so it makes people feel natural to match with the environment!
Generally speaking, the brush that you buy in the eyebrow powder is a little hard. When you brush it out, the color will be uneven. You can find a brush with soft hair weave, and then find an eyebrow pencil. The color is similar to the eyebrow powder!
Start thrush, to a little visual inspection, if you are a beginner, you should measure, with a pen along the nose wing, the other end along the tail of the eye, this can determine the length of their eyebrows.

Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil
Then draw the highest point of the eyebrow along the other side of the eyebrow.
Pay attention to the eyebrow peak should be the heaviest part of the eyebrow color. Remember to draw a lighter eyebrow, or the eyebrow will be as false as two worms. Before using the eyebrow powder, outline your eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil, and look for the eyebrow peak, eyebrow tail and eyebrow (the determination of eyebrow should not be considered to highlight the bridge of the nose).
Find out the width of the eyebrow, and outline the shape of the eyebrow. Then dip the eyebrow brush with the eyebrow brush. After dipping it, tap the eyebrow brush. This is to shake off the floating powder on the brush, and then brush it from the eyebrow peak, because the color is heavy here, and then evenly dyed forward. These are based on your eyebrow shape.
Before drawing eyebrows, you might as well wrinkle the eyebrows, protrude the eyebrows, trim the miscellaneous hairs next to the eyebrows, and determine the height and position of the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows drawn will be very natural.
Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil
When choosing eyebrow powder, try to choose complex color and heavy tone (such as dark brown gray), on the one hand, it can highlight the clear contour of the face, on the other hand, it will look white.
The choice of eyebrow powder brush is also very important. Try to choose the brush with animal hair (such as badger hair or wolf tail hair) with certain stiffness and smoothness. In this way, the eyebrow powder is easy to stick on the eyebrow bone.
If the use of too slippery brush (such as nylon system) will make the eyebrow powder floating on the eyebrow bone, even if the eyebrow shape is drawn more beautiful, it will have the effect of floating powder, and the makeup will be very dirty.
In addition, the formula of eyebrow powder is very important. The powder can't be too dry. It's better to use some oil to make the eyebrows more natural and vivid.
Eyebrow pencil:
The main components of eyebrow pencil are paraffin wax, beeswax, ground wax, petrolatum, Brazilian palm wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment, etc.
The above raw materials are made into wax blocks and pressed into pencil cores in the slitting machine, and are bonded between two semicircular wooden strips in pencil shape for use.
It is convenient and quick, suitable for drawing eyebrow shape, short feather eyebrow and eyebrow tail.
However, the lines drawn are relatively stiff, and the colors can not be reconciled because they contain wax, which makes it relatively easy to take off makeup in warm and humid environments.
Determine the position of eyebrow, eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail, and draw eyebrow on this basis can make you more outstanding.
First determine the approximate location of the eyebrow peak. At the position of the eyebrow peak, mark the shape of "Fei" with an eyebrow pencil. Gently draw in the area you think is the eyebrow peak, the position is not very accurate.
From the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail, point by point. Draw the outside line along the direction from eyebrow peak to eyebrow tail, and gently move the eyebrow pen from inside to outside. A little bit of rewriting is easier to draw than a stroke.
Link the upper edge line, draw the middle part from 1cm away from the eyebrow to each position just marked, and connect the upper edge line of eyebrow. Take the eyebrows as the skin, and use a little more force to paint and arrange the eyebrow shape.
Gently smear the brow toward the bridge of the nose. Eyebrow color to be light, along the direction toward the bridge of the nose. It is more natural to touch with the eyebrow pen. People with thick eyebrows can do without eyebrows.
Skillfully use eyebrow brush to dye the outer edge line. Use the eyebrow brush to slide the edge line on the upper side of the eyebrow along the direction from eyebrow, eyebrow peak to eyebrow tail. Do not use too much force, and Buddha will make the edge line disappear completely.
Blend the color of the eyebrow pencil with the color of the eyebrow. Finally, mix the whole eyebrow color. Using the front part of the eyebrow brush, it is a trick to stand the hair root from the bottom to the top. At this time, the force must be light, do not remove the coloring.
In fact, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is most important to choose the color that suits you. Xiaobian personally thinks that. First use the eyebrow pencil to shape. It's best to fill it with brow powder. Combine the advantages of the two. It's easy to create a perfect look for yourself.