Essential elements of cosmetic packaging design


Packaging is the only clear and visible source of judgment when consumers buy goods, and cosmetic packaging design can have a promotional effect on the accurate transmission of cosmetic product information. In order to achieve the function of promotion, our cosmetics packaging design must have the following five elements.

Cosmetics packaging design -- delicacy
One of the purposes of cosmetic packaging design is to improve the use value of the product itself, and the cosmetic packaging design with a sense of delicacy allows customers to predict the quality and value of the product according to the outer packaging box. Whether it is cheap cosmetics and well-known brands, luxury cosmetics, their packaging reflects the exquisite quality.

Cosmetics packaging design -- sense of detail
Many people understand the details as elaborate, such as flower art, the complicated etiquette of tea ceremony. But the details are not trivial, but an extension based on delicacy, that is, the inside and outside are the same, without defects. Details also mean a full understanding of the product structure. To design something perfectly, you have to be familiar with it and really understand it. This requires a lot of money, a lot of passion, and a lot of chewing and aftertaste, rather than without digestion and understanding.

Cosmetic packaging design -- stylization
The essence of commodities is to produce distinctive design style, which constitutes the brand elements that cannot be copied. The cosmetics packaging design, which is exquisite and detailed, will certainly show a distinctive design style. In fact, the products that are exquisite and analytical have already completed 80% of the beauty of cosmetics. However, the adverse effect of design style itself is to limit the diversity and composition of goods, so the design scheme should be suitable for the brand design style.

Cosmetic packaging design -- packaging materials
To reflect the above delicacy, detail and style, we must work hard on the material. Material is the key element of charm. Material is actually a complex of touch, smell, feeling and even taste. Material and its technology, color, composition, etc. can convey to customers the association of texture, temperature, taste, etc. The choice of material must be related to the product grade positioning and customer aesthetics.

Cosmetic packaging design -- overall coordination
Cosmetic packaging design is not only the direct packaging of products such as packaging design, label and outer box, but also the packaging auxiliary materials such as protective packaging, marketing packaging, internal fixation and thermal insulation device in order to maintain product temperature and position. In order to design a practical cosmetic packaging, we need to consider many factors, only the overall coordination of cosmetic packaging design can realize the functions of cosmetic packaging design.
The essential element of cosmetic packaging design is that designers want to convey some feelings in the packaging design, so that consumers can receive these feelings, so as to achieve a subjective evaluation of the product. Therefore, we must accurately convey the information that we want to cater to the target consumers in the cosmetics packaging design.