Drawing of inner binocular fluid


Brighten the eye socket - use the pearlite foundation to brighten the eye socket to make it easier for the eye shadow and to make the color more vivid.
Brush eye shadow - with eyelids painted with pink eye shadow, deep eyelids, shallow eye socket
Close to the roots of the lashes with eyeliner on the eyelid eyelashes full-filling gap, to depict uniformity.
With a puff fixed to prevent the tremor. Then use the eyeliner liquid to fold a layer on the eye line.
Brush the eyelashes first, and then brush from the root of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are thick, and the eyelash tip has been brought with one.
Check the eye line, use the eye line pen to fill the missing place, make the eye line painted more rounded.
When drawing the eyeliner, only draw the end of the eye and the corner of the eye, and the middle place should be kept.
In the middle of the lower eyelashes, brush the mascara in the middle part, and apply the color that is slightly deeper than the eye shadow at the end of the eye.