Draw the basic steps of eyeliner


★ Brush with eye shadow brush in the upper eyelid horizontal transparent eye shadow, drawing eyeliner for the next step in preparation.
★ Confirm the direction and extent of the eyeliner.
★ Eyes closed, eye liner close to the eyelashes from the inside outlines eyeliner.
★ Open your eyes, depending on the situation to determine the thick or thin eyeliner, natural and exaggerated.
★ Eyes closed, with the other hand raised the upper eyelid, eyeliner at the corner of the eye up by a certain angle to lengthen eyeliner.
★ Open your eyes, this time you can see the eyes have been eclipsed because of eyeliner appears large and God.
You can also further use the eyeliner in the original eyeliner based on the emphasis on the drawing, pay attention to the intensity and natural transition at the corner of the eye, with a cotton swab or sponge block will be spilled non-uniform eyeliner liquid clean. The glamorous deep look came in this pen. According to different personality needs of different makeup in the same way to create different eyeliner effects.