Draw a good eye liner simple four steps


1: Preparations
Keep your eyes clean. Use a short brush to remove some translucent loose powder on your eyelids. The intention is to make the eyeliner more circulated and to clean up the dirt after making mistakes. If it is an eyeliner, after sharpening, the tip will be slightly clash on the paper towel. Too sharp strokes are not gentle and easy to hurt the eyes. Before using the eyeliner, turn the tip of the pen at the bottle mouth and remove the excess liquid.
2: upper Eyeliner
Put the middle finger of your hand without holding the pen at the outer corner of the eye and gently lift the upper eyelid. Slightly skew the tip of the pen and draw it from the outside corner to the inside corner along the root of the eyelashes. If it's too difficult to draw, you can point a few points first and then connect them into a line.
3: lower Eyeliner
Use the hand that you don't hold your pen lightly to place the center of your eyelid close to the eye line, slightly tilt the tip of your pen, close your eyes to the end of the eye, and alter it to the corner of your eye to close to the lacrimal gland (about 2/3 of the whole eye), and alter it evenly.
4: halo dyeing
Clear and slender Eyeliner will make your eyes smaller, so after painting, use cotton swabs along the edge of the eye to gently blot out, then use hard eye shadow to brush the gray eye shadow, so that the eyeliner looks natural, then brush mascara.